And you fell

And you fell She made the decision to change.

But from it it became easier for mother not!

And at you such was?

You long talked to the daughter about rules of good behavior and she promised that tomorrow will begin new life.

Exactly tomorrow will accurately make the bed, will clean the room, will wash and will clean teeth.

And you fell asleep in a complacent anticipation of a new era of happiness.

Alas, the illusion is deeper, the we endure parting with it heavier.

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This occupation

This occupation The stress works.

Sometimes it becomes the only remained way of therapy.

FEDORS HISTORY For those four years which I lived in Kitezh, me several times asked to tell story to my life.

This occupation causes approximately same feelings as a nozhdachka scratch on glass.

Therefore, I always tried to avoid this pleasure.

My adoptive father Dmitry Morozov in combination it also the founder of a community Kitezh explained recently that forced me to hark back just for this purpose that these memoirs lost sharpness.

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But it is possible

But it is possible It looked very tempting people together work, have together a rest, together own property.

Means, there is no reason for a sharing, the competition, and respectively, the conflicts.

Naturally, I understood a community as community of conscious highly educated people.

But it is possible that the term choice in this concrete historical situation was wrong.

Unfortunately, the majority perceive a community or in its primordial, Old Russian sense: the village with regular repartitions of the earth, or as something average between sect and a prototype of communism.

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I hope that

I hope that I hope that from everything told above it is clear as equal communication of parents with experts and what value of a contribution of parents to this process is important.

Chapter Cerebral palsy from the medical point of view MARTIN DOLLAR ♦ Concept about a cerebral palsy ♦ Definitions ♦ the Possible problems connected with a cerebral palsy Feeding Training Speech Natural departures Sight What is the cerebral palsy?

The cerebral palsy childrens cerebral palsy is a violation of movements and control of position of a body in space pose.

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Shoulders, handles, a trunk

Shoulders, handles, a trunk On the fourth attempt there was a little body.

Correctly speak if the head crept, all the rest will creep.

Shoulders, handles, a trunk and legs of our girl appeared on a great wild world as toothpaste from tube, on another and not to describe I could not believe that all behind.

Right there remembered the casual interlocutor in the diagnostic center before ultrasonography and her words that at the time of the sons birth she tested inexpressible happiness.

What happiness?

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So why to guess

So why to guess Also gave itself installation: not to worry!

Is obvity, there is no obvitiya All the same anything does not depend on me, and I in any way well absolutely in any way cannot affect this circumstance.

So why to guess and suffer?

At the time of delivery also we recognize all.

Still Olya told me that the alpha refused to hand over the fetoproteinovy AFP test.

In general that it is done free of charge in our consultations, and, as far as I know, pregnant women quite often use it.

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