As everything

As everything Of course, the success of this venture made impression on all, including my parents.

But none of us at that moment did not even reflect that this success can be repeated.

As everything fine turned out at Diminy parents, mother told me as that.

What they are good fellows that in time bought a site.

To live out of town that can be better!

Perhaps and to us it was necessary to arrive so?

Well, what for?

we have a giving.

Her words deeply sat down in my soul.

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I learned

I learned If you set as the purpose to force the teenage daughter to feel in the courtroom, then transition to the personal most right way.

If you do not aspire to it, it is necessary to find different ways for clarification of everything that it is interesting to you in behavior of own child.

I learned about one effective equipment from teenagers: when parents tell it about a situation in the third party.

Conversation in the third party allows the teenager to discuss a subject, without feeling need to watch each word because someone interferes with his life.

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The teenager, with

The teenager, with Whether even in case of a choice meanwhile to eat a candy most a case with Svyatoslav!



or to present it to the friend, the choice goes to advantage of that decision which will help to meet approval, to remain the member of collective.

The teenager, with a claim for a neotsenennost, will throw parents, the cozy apartment the girlfriend if only to remain in a circle of the contemporaries.

The most ridiculous that so IZVRAShchENNO is shown his need for safety.

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Value of this

Value of this, and noise from blood current on vessels.

The newborn finely a sign with a rhythm, speed, pauses and phrases.

At mother in a stomach he already danced to music reaching it from the outside and it is possible to tell that artistic abilities to dances and music are based on experience which the child got in mothers womb.

Value of this experience for you and the kid that you have the general for both of you musical language.

Many people do not decide to address to music, consider that they have no ear for music, simply do not know that with it to do.

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The samples

The samples A task of group of adults in time to stop this tendency, to beat out from a complacent and lazy state and to put new boundaries for overcoming.

The samples received in the earliest childhood possess special stability.

But also they can be erased, are more true replaced with other samples.

It is only necessary to remember that conditioned reflexes are not developed in one day.

And still, they are not developed by repetition of manuals.

When we speak about repeated repetition, we speak not about repetition of manuals and punishments, and personal, the emotional endured experience.

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Some of them

Some of them The child who is brought up in a native family from day acquires an image of behavior and views of parents, being trained in many useful skills, as if, by the way.

Left orphanage can have the most unexpected gaps in the Image of the World.

Some of them are filled the images borrowed from virtual reality of modern cinema, some from oral giving of teenagers.

Leshs eighthgrader was sent to a week to our friends farmers for training in fundamentals of their craft.

Here also it appeared that it has some very expensive aristocratic habits.

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  • Helly Northern Brandford, Connecticut.Providing us a freedom of expression we small so far, you do not give to us the grounds to revolt when we become more senior.When you criticize my look, you criticize me All the matter is that the hair painted in blue color, a black eyeliner and a necklace with thorns mean nothing hair will grow, the clothes will become small.But in this situation there is one aspect which has constant effect it is your reaction.Sometimes, when we get up something awful, we wait for your reaction to it.
  • But we usually try on any situation on ourselves.Here I also tried on.I consider myself as the adequate, and, above all responsible parent.Therefore it seems to me that seven children are TOO MUCH.After all all children demand parental attention, it is necessary to be engaged in them, they should be developed, brought up, played with them, to penetrate into their problems, to watch over their health, study, over their relations with friends, not to mention what is necessary where that to lodge them, than that to feed, in what to dress that also to that to learn that?
  • e.our school.Also it is our life for years.Anything surprising that the school was and forever remains a scourge for the teenager.But I and most of other teenagers we hate not school both not education.Simply we hate a stress which is inevitably connected with them.But stresses of high school and receipt in college threaten not only to us; it seems, as you are subject to them.From here also there is an array of problems for both parties.
  • When we feel the happy?Svyatoslav with running start hit the head the wall sheathed by the springing plywood.It was convinced that is sick, and butted it once again for fixing.On his face thus there was a thoughtful smile.He gained this experience.In other cases when I interfered, trying to protect it from risk of pain, he started shouting protestuyushche.The little personality seeks to comprehend a world around essence independently.This process begins long before emergence of the speech, and already at this stage the child instinctively protects the right for the individual nature, defending real I.
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