Watch unexpected

Watch unexpected If you have a child the teenager, you can declare: Yes, such happens to it, and you want to tell, what it is symptoms of drug addiction?

All of us know very well that all listed above gets under category of typical behavior of teenagers.

Sense in that you have to notice changes in behavior and pay to them attention.

School problems.

Watch unexpected falling of progress, frequent truancies, common problems with discipline.

And again, perhaps, it is an occasion to address to the doctor.

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Most of teenagers

Most of teenagers Carol Ann, years, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mother Carol Ann talked to the daughter frankly and honestly about potential consequences of occupations by sex.

It just that, according to teenagers, increases your chances to achieve positive results in talk with them.

Most of teenagers look at sex as on entertainment and game.

Mass media practically romaticize unworthy sex.

Teenagers over all country receive the wrong idea of it, and therefore your task to correct it.

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  • Helly Northern Brandford, Connecticut.Providing us a freedom of expression we small so far, you do not give to us the grounds to revolt when we become more senior.When you criticize my look, you criticize me All the matter is that the hair painted in blue color, a black eyeliner and a necklace with thorns mean nothing hair will grow, the clothes will become small.But in this situation there is one aspect which has constant effect it is your reaction.Sometimes, when we get up something awful, we wait for your reaction to it.
  • But we usually try on any situation on ourselves.Here I also tried on.I consider myself as the adequate, and, above all responsible parent.Therefore it seems to me that seven children are TOO MUCH.After all all children demand parental attention, it is necessary to be engaged in them, they should be developed, brought up, played with them, to penetrate into their problems, to watch over their health, study, over their relations with friends, not to mention what is necessary where that to lodge them, than that to feed, in what to dress that also to that to learn that?
  • e.our school.Also it is our life for years.Anything surprising that the school was and forever remains a scourge for the teenager.But I and most of other teenagers we hate not school both not education.Simply we hate a stress which is inevitably connected with them.But stresses of high school and receipt in college threaten not only to us; it seems, as you are subject to them.From here also there is an array of problems for both parties.
  • When we feel the happy?Svyatoslav with running start hit the head the wall sheathed by the springing plywood.It was convinced that is sick, and butted it once again for fixing.On his face thus there was a thoughtful smile.He gained this experience.In other cases when I interfered, trying to protect it from risk of pain, he started shouting protestuyushche.The little personality seeks to comprehend a world around essence independently.This process begins long before emergence of the speech, and already at this stage the child instinctively protects the right for the individual nature, defending real I.
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