In this

In this Some children have a giperesteziya of maxillofacial area, and the touch of a toy causes sharp irritation the child pushes away her and throws back the head.

In this case you should address to the logopedist who will explain how it is possible to reduce sensitivity of a mouth of the kid.

Toys The best toys to be enough them both to pull in a mouth and to develop the hvatatelny movements, are rattles, a ring and other toys which give to children when they cut teeth.

Such toys happen the most different forms and coloring.

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Children As doctor Voters speaks, there are worse things, than to look the gawk.

Children have to know about condoms and safer sex.

They have to know that can come to you with a problem of pregnancy or if take themselves for gays, they will be able to come to you if had sex and it was not pleasant to them, and now they think that something not so with them.

They can come to you behind council before start leading sexual life or will want to take a contraceptive pill or if they do not want to have sex, but feel pressure of people around.

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Described The girl with a nickname the Mouse was the rod character of this page, the main, so to speak, character.

The young lady very emotional, desperately dreaming to become pregnant that, alas, in any way was impossible.

It was visible that this problem literally absorbed it.

Another she could not think of anything any more.

Also lived in the Internet.

Described everything that did to become pregnant, shared the experiences, asked council.

Quietly it was impossible to read her statements continuous cry from the heart.

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It leans

It leans To understand the reasons of it, lets look as children with a spastic diplegiya move the tone is more raised in feet, than in hands and with a spastic hemiplegia the tone on one party of a body prevails.

The child can raise the head, but thus too strongly unbends a neck and his chin is displaced fig.


It leans on hands, but they are pressed to sides, and shoulders are raised and help to hold the head.

Such pose does not allow to transfer body weight to one hand and to release the second to stretch and make a start forward.

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And then

And then To recognize the child is means to establish with him the relations, joyful both for him, and for all family; only in that case the kid will appear in the best Wednesday for his development.

And then it will enter the world selfassured, benevolent and useful to society; the child, such what he is with motive violations and, maybe, with violations of intelligence, will be socially adapted.

Any child healthy or sick, for his future happiness and social wellbeing, needs a happy and fullfledged family.

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The methods

The methods Medical and pedagogical approach, on the contrary, assumes the childs life in the bosom of the family and inclusion of special occupations in daily affairs.

The methods developed in its framework are urged not only to lead to the best results in motive and mental development of the child, but also to construct absolutely new relations between the child and people around, essentially to change life of all family.

In the late eighties the beginning of the th years Russia signed a number of the international conventions guaranteeing to children with limited opportunities of the right for development, education and social security.

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