And Vika

And Vika He actually started everything from scratch.

Took the credit, began to look for new places, to acquire clients, generally, to do everything possible and impossible anew to be untwisted.

And Vika began to help it and to work at home.

At this moment in their relations there was an imbalance.

Lesh, having endured shock from business loss, trebled the activity, Vick, having lost habitual work at office and having settled houses, on the contrary reduced it.

Lesh very much sought to jump above the head, and Vikina a professional selfassessment gradually decreased.

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If panties

If panties Socks of these panties are cut out with a stock for the growing foot, however it is necessary to check regularly, whether they became small.

If panties are very strongly tense, forcing foot to adopt the provision of plantar bending, the pajamas is small.

In that case mobility of an ankle joint is limited or it is not mobile at all, and toes are drawn in.

To children is more senior it is desirable to sleep in a pajamas from two parts with knitted elastic bands on a collar and cuffs of a jacket and panties.

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After three

After three Still, after all the experience of antecedents, most important for its survival, says that women cannot be trusted in anything.

After three years of stay in Kitezh she on own initiative chose to herself the following adoptive mother, but also with it refused to speak about the problems, kept watchfully.

It rejected a psychological delicacy and informal conversations, preferring the direct pressure upon mother for knockingout delicacies and beautiful new things.

She so did not trust also new mother that rejected even the help, precious for other children, in business of preparation of house lessons.

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If you cease

If you cease For example, to nod food, to wind the head no.

Do not stop the trying, even if progress very slow; note any signs of improvement.

If you cease to teach it it will have no other opportunity to learn.

If you decide that the child is incapable of something he never and will not be able to do it.

Remember how you learned to swim?

Many months you considered that to you beyond its powers, and were surprised: how others can swim?

And suddenly at you it turned out and you cannot understand any more that here the difficult.

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And you fell

And you fell She made the decision to change.

But from it it became easier for mother not!

And at you such was?

You long talked to the daughter about rules of good behavior and she promised that tomorrow will begin new life.

Exactly tomorrow will accurately make the bed, will clean the room, will wash and will clean teeth.

And you fell asleep in a complacent anticipation of a new era of happiness.

Alas, the illusion is deeper, the we endure parting with it heavier.

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This occupation

This occupation The stress works.

Sometimes it becomes the only remained way of therapy.

FEDORS HISTORY For those four years which I lived in Kitezh, me several times asked to tell story to my life.

This occupation causes approximately same feelings as a nozhdachka scratch on glass.

Therefore, I always tried to avoid this pleasure.

My adoptive father Dmitry Morozov in combination it also the founder of a community Kitezh explained recently that forced me to hark back just for this purpose that these memoirs lost sharpness.

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But it is possible

But it is possible It looked very tempting people together work, have together a rest, together own property.

Means, there is no reason for a sharing, the competition, and respectively, the conflicts.

Naturally, I understood a community as community of conscious highly educated people.

But it is possible that the term choice in this concrete historical situation was wrong.

Unfortunately, the majority perceive a community or in its primordial, Old Russian sense: the village with regular repartitions of the earth, or as something average between sect and a prototype of communism.

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  • Helly Northern Brandford, Connecticut.Providing us a freedom of expression we small so far, you do not give to us the grounds to revolt when we become more senior.When you criticize my look, you criticize me All the matter is that the hair painted in blue color, a black eyeliner and a necklace with thorns mean nothing hair will grow, the clothes will become small.But in this situation there is one aspect which has constant effect it is your reaction.Sometimes, when we get up something awful, we wait for your reaction to it.
  • But we usually try on any situation on ourselves.Here I also tried on.I consider myself as the adequate, and, above all responsible parent.Therefore it seems to me that seven children are TOO MUCH.After all all children demand parental attention, it is necessary to be engaged in them, they should be developed, brought up, played with them, to penetrate into their problems, to watch over their health, study, over their relations with friends, not to mention what is necessary where that to lodge them, than that to feed, in what to dress that also to that to learn that?
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  • When we feel the happy?Svyatoslav with running start hit the head the wall sheathed by the springing plywood.It was convinced that is sick, and butted it once again for fixing.On his face thus there was a thoughtful smile.He gained this experience.In other cases when I interfered, trying to protect it from risk of pain, he started shouting protestuyushche.The little personality seeks to comprehend a world around essence independently.This process begins long before emergence of the speech, and already at this stage the child instinctively protects the right for the individual nature, defending real I.
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